Thursday, February 23, 2012

17/100: Chloe Hooper - The Tall Man

17/100: Chloe Hooper - The Tall Man: Death and Life on Palm Island
(2008, Hamish Hamilton)
(Book 17/100 for 2012)

On Skype, tonight.

[9:23:51 PM] Elizabeth Clark: I just finished reading a book about the Palm Island death in custody trial.
[9:23:59 PM] Jennifer Clark: Tall man?
[9:24:08 PM] Elizabeth Clark: Yes.  It was very good.
[9:24:13 PM] Elizabeth Clark: Have you read it?
[9:24:39 PM] Jennifer Clark: No but i followed the story in the press.  There was a very bad smell around the whole thing!
[9:24:54 PM] Elizabeth Clark: Definitely.  He got off but I really think he did do it.
[9:25:00 PM] Elizabeth Clark: But of course he was always going to get off.
[9:25:15 PM] Jennifer Clark: Me too, and yes he was.
[9:25:49 PM] Elizabeth Clark: It's horrible what it's like up there.  I am so sheltered down here in the south.
[9:26:11 PM] Elizabeth Clark: It's a whole different country almost.
[9:26:28 PM] Jennifer Clark: If you were up there you would still be sheltered.  You are the wrong colour to be in trouble.
[9:26:53 PM] Elizabeth Clark: I know, but I'd like to think I'd be aware of it and do my best to help.
[9:27:21 PM] Jennifer Clark: I know darling.  It's a horrid dilemma.  I'm going now.  xxx
[9:27:30 PM] Elizabeth Clark: I don't know, perhaps they don't want white help.
[9:27:36 PM] Elizabeth Clark: Anyway, goodnight.  We can talk more tomorrow.
[9:28:01 PM] Jennifer Clark: No they don't.  They want self determination, independence and dignity.
[9:28:12 PM] Jennifer Clark: Night.
[9:28:15 PM] Elizabeth Clark: xxx

Coincidentally, Tony Krawitz's award-winning documentary, also called The Tall Man, is showing on SBS On Demand until the 6th of March.  You can watch it here - I'd say it's essential viewing.

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